Criminal Defense Attorney Service

For many persons who have been found guilty of committing a crime within the state’s jurisdiction, finding reputable criminal law services in the UAE is a challenging issue. In addition to being distinct in many aspects, the nation’s legal system is founded on Islamic Shariah Law, like many other Middle Eastern states. The attorney representing you must be highly knowledgeable of the complex terminology of criminal charges under the Shariah Law.

We have established a solid reputation as a reliable criminal law advisory firm ready to represent you to defend any criminal allegations you face and litigate on your behalf in trials if that becomes necessary. We have a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers in Dubai who also work effectively in other regions of the country. The processes of the federal legal system are well-known to our attorneys, and our support staff is well-versed in them. We have also taught them to handle cases at every stage, from formal prosecution and preliminary police inquiries to trial negotiations and courtroom litigation.

Our philosophy for providing clients with criminal defense services and legal advice is to be kind and helpful. We are aware that people who are accused of a crime are often distressed emotionally; therefore we offer our legal skills by gathering all pertinent information and painting a complete picture of the case. Depending on the situation, our team will first request bail, then prepare and submit any appropriate documents and pleas after consulting with you.

Our main goal is to make sure you are treated fairly at every stage of the procedure, and we can assure you that our criminal legal services in the UAE are thorough, competent, and goal-oriented. Our legal teams have received thorough training to be very professional. This enables us to guarantee to our clients that the services they receive are supported by extensive research, careful consideration, and total secrecy. Working with us, you can benefit from the advice of qualified criminal attorneys in Dubai and other places. All types of criminal litigation, including but not limited to the following, are covered by the comprehensive criminal defense legal services provided by our attorneys and legal teams.

  • Drug cases, drug-related offences
  • Criminal financial malpractice
  • Assistance with extradition
  • offences involving violence
  • Sexual harassment and crimes with a sexual component
  • Deportation
  • ban on travel
  • incidents of bail bouncing a check