Marine Law

A nautical lawyer is one who specializes in boating mishaps and marine injuries that occur during both professional and recreational maritime activities. In addition to representing seamen who suffer work-related injuries, attorneys who specialize in maritime law also defend those injured in incidents on recreational boats. Maritime attorneys may try cases in court, draught documents, negotiate agreements, and handle complaints about these matters in addition to handling complaints about illnesses or injuries caused by various types of marine vessels or sea craft as well as companies that dump hazardous waste into the ocean. Maritime law, often known as admiralty law, is one of the oldest branches of the law and predates the constitution. Maritime law is the term for the body of regulations that admiralty courts oversee and regulate trade and navigation on the high seas and other navigable waters (source). These laws lay out the rules for any form of offence that occurs on, around, or in a body of navigable water, including torts, injuries, contracts, and other legal violations. Due to the special nature of maritime law, not all attorneys are competent to handle matters involving injured seafarers. Numerous maritime laws are in place to provide assistance, but the only way to know what assistance is provided is to speak with an admiralty lawyer. Admiralty law is another name for the body of regulations, accords, and agreements that govern maritime matters.

The expansion and growth of the maritime industry are significantly aided by the new maritime law. Taking into account all the relevant laws and regulations currently in existence, this law offers efficient solutions and legal remedies. The United Arab Emirates’ maritime activities will benefit and be encouraged by this law.

This covers the carrier’s responsibility for delays, damage, or loss of goods along with notification of the carrier, when applicable, detaining vessels in domestic ports, challenging the arrest, and releasing the vessels from the arrest. The team also has extensive knowledge of drafting charter agreements and vessel mortgage agreements, pursuing mortgage execution actions, and managing marine insurance disputes involving goods/vessels with claims for damages and losses.